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About us

Driving innovation,
ensuring security

We offer security solutions and containerisation for microcontrollers and embedded systems, addressing specific security needs for small and compact devices in markets such as IoT, Secure Elements, and Automotive. Positioned at the cutting edge of IoT device security, ZAYA is the most secure and lightweight operating system on the market. Adopting a unique modular approach, it redefines security standards.


From secure isolation and encrypted communications to containerised applications and services, ZAYA provides unmatched security against potential threats, ensuring the integrity of your IoT ecosystem.


With expertise in Security Regulations and ZAYA Security Inventions, this operating system offers cost-efficiency, effortless certification, platform-friendly adaptability, simplified maintenance, improved collaboration, and seamless legacy compatibility.


ZAYA is not just any operating system — it's a game-changer for securing IoT devices. It revolutionises how we keep our tech safe, giving you the confidence to step into the future.

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