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ZAYA solutions for

Secure Element integration

ZAYA Secure OS, along with ZAYA Microcontainers, can be seamlessly integrated into Secure Elements, offering diverse privilege levels and isolations within. This flexibility extends to different Root of Trusts, including the full-privilege PSA Platform Root of Trust (RoT) and limited-privilege PSA Application Root of Trusts.

This unique architecture accommodates vendor or third-party-certified Application RoTs/Secure Applications (SAs) securely within a Secure Element, achieving a built-in PSA Level 3 (Highest) Isolation. Application RoTs/SAs operate in isolated ZAYA Microcontainers—individual executables that can be deployed independently in the field.

ZAYA's Platform Root of Trust safeguards Secure Element resources from Application RoTs, not only adhering to PSA Security Goals but also managing resource accesses through the ZAYA Microcontainer Access Policy.

Secure Element Integration

Solutions for

Arm & RISC-V architectures

Developing on Arm or RISC-V? Explore our specialised security solutions and containerisation services tailored for your needs.

Arm and RISC-V Integration

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