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ZAYA solutions for

Arm architecture

ZAYA is an Arm IoT Security Partner and offers secure and rich software solutions for Armv7-m and TrustZone for Armv8-m architectures. ZAYA provides PSA Root of Trusts(RoTs), Secure OS to protect and control Armv7-m and Armv8-m powered devices. ZAYA brings Containerisations technology to MMU-less Arm Microcontrollers, called ZAYA Microcontainers to offer more protection and rich programming model.

Built on arm


(Cortex M3,Cortex M4,Cortex M7)

ZAYA Secure OS transforms Armv7-m MCUs to secure devices which does not have built-in HW Security. ZAYA Secure OS handles PSA Security Goals.

ZAYA Secure OS also offers rich programming model for user space such as Containers even for MMU-less Armv7-m Microcontrollers. Microcontainers can be used to build a secure, modular, deployment friendly structure for end-user applications.


TrustZone Armv8-m

ZAYA Secure OS offers rich programming model for TrustZone. ZAYA PSA Platform RoT handles all PSA Security Goals. ZAYA also provides some innovative security mechanisms, such as Microcontainer Access Policy to simplify the resource management.

ZAYA provides containerisation technology for both TrustZone Secure and Non-Secure Worlds:

  • Microcontainers in TrustZone Secure World offers plug & play independent PSA Application RoTs which can be deployed and certified individually.


  • Microcontainers in TrustZone Non-Secure World offers secure, modular and deployment friendly programming model for the end-user applications.

TrustZone Armv8-m

Solutions for

RISC-V architectures and 

Secure Element integration

Developing on RISC-V or Secure Element? Explore our specialised security solutions and containerisation services tailored for your needs.

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