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ZAYA revolutionary changes the embedded systems development by bringing modularity in manufacturing-time and operational/run-time.

ZAYA offers modular and remotely manageable lifecycle management to solve the fleet lifecycle management for IoT vendors. ZAYA has also introduced multiple "third-party provisioning" approaches on top of the "device root provisioning".

ZAYA introduced "Microservices for Microcontrollers" in 2022, and this year, ZAYA has introduced the "ZAYA Microservice Store" that allows ZAYA, Third-Party Tech Vendors and individual developers to create and distribute their plug&plug, turnkey and individually deployable Microservices.

All these technologies had a high interest in Embedded World 2024, Germany, and we would like to thank all of our visitors during the show.

All these technologies are demonstrated by ZAYA and ZAYA Partners. Please see the interviews with the partners.


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