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The Embedded World Exhibition&Conference is a global exhibition that meets technology vendors, OEMs and individuals every year in Nuremberg, Germany. It offers a seamless opportunity to see the latest or future technologies and demonstrations.

This year, ZAYA and ZAYA partners collaborate on production and deployment-friendly and secure edge-to-cloud system development solutions with exciting new announcements.

ZAYA is a superior supervisor software solution that comes with integrated secure kernel, integrated security manager and integrated hypervisor.

ZAYA's integrated hypervisor offers containerisation technology even for MMU-less microcontrollers. ZAYA's integrated secure manager handles and hides all security mechanisms required by security certifications and legislation and offers a security/certification-free development environment for User Microcontainers.

ZAYA also offers Microservices for MMU-less Microcontrollers, introduced in 2022, which provides plug&play individually deployable "Microservices" that dramatically reduce the go-to-market times for IoT Product vendors

All these features will be demonstrated during the Embedded World 2024, April 9-11, and ZAYA and ZAYA Partners invite vendors and individuals for the showcases.

See ZAYA Partner's Demonstrations details below;

ZAYA&Secure-IC: Field-Customisable Modular Secure Element

Secure-IC ( is a leading Secure Element vendor, and ZAYA and Secure-IC collaborate on creating next-generation modular and field-buildable Secure Elements.

Third-Party Provisioning for Secure Elements

ZAYA-powered Secure-IC secure elements offer in-field secure-element provisioning and also allow trusted third parties to inject their individual credentials and certificates. Third-party provisioning allows trusted third parties (such as HOST CPU, or Certified Third-Party Stack/Service vendors) to customise the secure element securely even in the field.

Field-Deployable Microservices for Secure Elements

ZAYA-powered Secure-IC secure elements come with Security HW and generic supervisor software. Each device may need different services, and herein, individual security services (cryptographic, PQC, lifecycle etc) by Secure-IC and trusted Secure-IC partners (certified) can be deployed to the Secure remotely to build a secure element in the field. Microservices also offer flexibility for secure elements to migrate from one environment to new features, such as non-PQC to PQC (Post-Quantum Cryptography).

ZAYA&Green-Custard: Building a Modular AWS IoT Device Using ZAYA Microservices

Green-Custard ( is a leading professional services software consultancy and AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner delivering IoT innovation and digital transformation projects exclusively on AWS for startups to global enterprises.

In-Field Provisioning of IoT Devices

ZAYA allows in-field provisioning for both the product vendor (device root certificates) and extended individual third-party (AWS Certificates and Third-Party Microservice Authentication keys). Green-Custard will show how to perform In-Field provisioning of an IoT device.

Field-Deployable Microservices for Secure Elements

ZAYA Microservices offers Microservice technology even for MMU-less Microcontrollers, and ZAYA offers plug&play turnkey Microservices for IoT devices. In this demonstration, Green-Custard will individually deployable ZAYA Microservices to build an AWS IoT Device in seconds, using the ZAYA's AWS IoT Microservice.

After the IoT device build, Green-Custard will demonstrate the integrated AWS services to monitor an IoT device and visualise the field data using the rich AWS Services.

ZAYA fully supports and provides Software Development Kit (SDK)'s for STMicro’s STM32 Microcontrollers, and ZAYA and Green Custard use STMico’s STM32L4 (Arm Cortex-M4) power IoT Edges and sensor reading during the EW24 Demonstration. Arm Cortex-M4 Core is an MMU-less core without built-in security features such as Arm TrustZone.

ZAYA for Arm TrustZone: Containerisation and Microservices For Arm TrustZone

ZAYA provides a Superior "Platform" Root of Trust(pRoT) for Arm TrustZone that is responsible for the device root security and functionality. ZAYA's Superior TrustZone pRoT comes with an integrated kernel, security manager and hypervisor.

Moreover, ZAYA Superior TrustZone pRoT, also offers individually-deployable containerisation for both TrustZone Secure World and Non-Secure World, called ZAYA Microcontainers. Containerisation for TrustZone's Secure-World by ZAYA offers isolated, individually deployable&certifiable PSA "Application" RoT's (PSA aRoT).

ZAYA also provides containerisation for TrustZone Non-Secure World, that vendors to run non-sensitive isolated and indivudally-deployable services and custom applications.

ZAYA will be demonstrating the ZAYA Microcontainerisation and ZAYA Microservices for Arm TrustZone on STMicro's STM32L55 (Arm Cortex-M33, TrustZone) Microcontrollers.


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