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Security solutions

What is ZAYA

Security solutions and containerisation

for microcontrollers and embedded systems



Redefining security

with a unique modular approach


Unmatched Security


Combining the Security Regulations and the ZAYA Security Inventions; it is designed to resist potential threats and provide a resilient defense.

Modular Deployment

Includes containerised applications / services, where each microcontainer functions as a robust unit, ensuring isolation against external threats and internal malfunctionings.




Drastically cuts vendor investment with no need for dedicated security and certification teams, infrastructure, or ongoing maintenance. 

Effortless Certification

Simplifies certification through "Delta Certification," with pre-certified OS, enabling vendors to effortlessly certify only custom modules, minimizing costs and assessment scope.



Easily use the same microcontainer across various hardware setups  — no need for platform-specific development!


Legacy Compatibility

Runs seamlessly on legacy hardware, facilitating security certifications without requiring hardware redesign for modern processors.

Security cube

Microcontainers provided by ZAYA Secure OS allows developers to isolate their apps and services from each other for increased security.

ZAYA microcontainers

This compartmentalisation ensures a robust defense against potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.

Secure and modular

Resilient against external attacks and internal malfunctions

Experience seamless development and unwavering security from coding to deployment. Microcontainers shield against threats, while ZAYA OS ensure a protected environment, defending against external attacks and meeting safety requirements.


Containerised applications / services

Each microcontainer functions as a robust unit, isolating applications to shield against external threats and internal mishaps.


From coding to deployment, experience the ease of development coupled with unwavering security, safeguarding your software against a spectrum of potential risks.


ZAYA secure OS

It comprises a Hypervisor for isolated environments and hardware virtualisation. It ensures a protected environment for user applications.


A Security Manager defending against external attacks, handles certification requirements and monitors real-time security, providing a platform-agnostic interface.


The OS Kernel implements secure scheduling and essential operating system mechanisms for robust functionality.

Securing trust

with certified assurance

Leveraging our robust security infrastructure, we have implemented all essential Security Regulations and also successfully attained PSA Certified Level 1, certified at the highest possible security level for an OS.


Our commitment to security extends beyond our own operations, as OEM vendors also achieved PSA Certifications using ZAYA Secure OS. 


Security at its core

Future-ready solutions

We provide cutting-edge, secure software solutions tailored for Arm, RISC-V, and Secure Element architectures. Our offerings include PSA Root of Trusts (RoTs), Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) and a Secure OS, ensuring robust protection and control for a variety of devices.


In addition we are offering Containerisation technology to MMU-less Microcontrollers with our innovative ZAYA Microcontainers, ensuring more protection and delivering a sophisticated programming model for a seamless and enhanced user experience.

Use cases


ZAYA Microcontainers is a revolutionary platform that offers unparalleled flexibility and security for diverse applications.


These Microcontainers eliminate the need for hardware, platform, and OS initialization, streamlining the deployment process. With multi-threaded capabilities, Microcontainers empower developers to create bare-metal or multi-threaded user applications effortlessly.


The Microcontainer Access Policy allows precise control over resource allocation, ensuring optimal performance and security. 

User Application
Virtual Machine
Machine Learning
Cloud Integrations & Services

Don't just take our word for it!

Listen to the market


Versatile markets

Any applications

ZAYA Secure OS adapts to the unique demands of various industries, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Whether in automotive, healthcare, IoT, and beyond.

ZAYA Markets


Collaborating with industry leaders goes beyond riding the tech wave. It is about diving into the mix, actively shaping the next big things in both innovation and security.


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Technology Partner

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